I am so glad I found Gina Weiss, LMFT.  I went through a pretty devastating “rough patch” for about 18 months. I had visited two different therapists down the hill (through my insurance carrier) and left feeling hopeless and like I knew more than they did about mental health.  They handed me a couple of sheets of paper with relaxation techniques and tried to push a bunch of medications on me.  They didn’t help me at all. If anything, it made me feel worse because I felt that maybe there wasn’t any help out there. I had a breakdown one weekend. My emotions and mental state had gotten to a point where it was really starting to take a toll on my family and my daily life. I had seen Gina a few times when I was a teenager about twenty years earlier. I remembered that she had helped me then, so I called her…and I am SO glad I did.

Gina is very easy to talk to and she actually listens to you. After my first session I felt a little better. She taught me how to do a relaxation/meditation technique that allowed me to connect with my inner mind and see things more clearly. I felt hopeful.  She is a very smart lady.  She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and spiritual.  She does not push medications on you.  (Please know that sometimes medications are needed, however, they will not be pushed on you unnecessarily).  I appreciate that.

She holds a workshop every 3 or 4 months that I also highly recommend. It is one night a week for four weeks for a very affordable price. My husband and I both attended and came away with so much from it. It is basically a workshop on how your mind works and how to be happy.  Everyone should take this…maybe our world would be a better place?

I highly recommend Gina if you are having any sort of mental health problems or marriage problems, whether they are ongoing or temporary.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for her.  She helped me immensely. I finally feel like my old self again, and I definitely couldn’t have gotten here without her help.

~ S.S., Big Bear Lake, CA

Gina came highly recommended when I started having panic attacks back in 2002. She is a wealth of information and she listens intently. 
I have been seeing her as needed since then and I always walk away from each session feeling like the pressure is off of my shoulders.
Gina has had no issue recommending other therapists to assist me on my journey when she was unavailable or when I needed a different specialty. I am so very grateful to have Gina escorting me through this (sometimes) crazy life.

~ Dawn H., Big Bear City, CA

I was referred to Gina Weiss by a co-worker who highly recommended her and even said she saved his life.

I have been seeing Gina a few months now and I have to say she is AMAZING.

Gina is compassionate and kind and very intuitive in helping you in your process to heal. She is highly professional and you can tell she loves her work. I like her natural, open and friendly, nonjudgmental manner.

Gina has a gorgeous clean and comfortable session room and I always feel relaxed there.

I also like how Gina is committed to her own self growth and continually works on her own evolvement.

I always feel clearer and happier when I walk out of Gina’s therapy room. ALWAYS!

I am writing this review because I want to help others. If you are thinking of therapy in Big Bear, Gina Weiss is the best!

Thank you a million times over Gina. I am very grateful for all you do!

PS. Gina accepts insurance too!

~ Leslie F. Big Bear City, CA

This is my 2nd review and just giving an update on how professional Gina is and how she has helped me. 
Gina has helped me to see a part of myself that wants to grow and evolve to a happier and healthier person. I walk out of her office each time feeling a whole lot better than when I walked in. 
Gina is compassionate and I feel I can talk to her about anything and I don’t feel judged.

I feel like finally I can have the support I have needed with Gina. I highly recommend her to anyone needing to get through rough patches or needs psychological healing. Thank you so much Gina.

~ Leslie F. Big Bear City, CA

A big thank you to Gina Weiss, MFT. A lady who sincerely has the ability to heal the most broken of hearts and damaged souls.

~ K.H., Sugarloaf, CA

I had been plagued by irrational phobias and fears that were disruptive to my life on an intermittent basis that were not rooted in my early childhood. I consider Gina’s method of therapy very effective in resolving many of these issues of unknown origin.  I have felt more free and enlightened after each session. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

~ R.M., Big Bear City, CA

Before coming to Gina, I had been in various therapies for 7 years, working through childhood trauma and depression. The Inner Healing Process opened up doors and allowed me to look inside without the fear of the emotional overwhelm I experienced in previous therapy. I used to feel like I was sinking into a bottomless pit with no way out. Now I have a sense of safety, because it is done in a peaceful, restful, natural way, and when I leave, I feel healthier; more whole and renewed.  Now I am eager and excited for sessions. This is unlike any therapy I’ve ever had. I don’t want anyone to be where I was at.  I never thought I could be as free as I am now.

~ P.S., Big Bear Lake, CA

Gina’s process helped me to cross time and space to heal part of my soul. I have learned to continue on my own to uncover my truths.  This process is amazingly fast.

~ M.C., Big Bear City, CA

I was at the end of my rope.  It was this deep process of healing that brought me back to who I am.  It saved my life. I couldn’t understand why I was doing things I felt compelled to do but did not want to do.   I now really understand the purpose of life for me, and my direction. My marriage, family, and business are all at a peaceful, successful place.

~ L.P., Big Bear Lake, CA

I was afraid to go through another surgery. In only one session, I could see that I had connected surgery with death in my mind, and was able to clear it.  After that session I went through my surgery with great ease and calm, without the usual sedative.

~ F.M.N., El Cajon, CA

The process Gina teaches to facilitate personal growth and remove roadblocks to success are phenomenal!

~ S.T., Big Bear City, CA

This process helped me find the inner peace, love and JOY that was missing in my life.  Everything is easier and more fun.  Life truly can be a joy instead of a burden!  After years of searching, I found inner peace so quickly and easily that I laugh at how long it took me to arrive.

~ S.C. Erwin Lake, CA

I had not been consciously aware of what was bothering me, yet it surfaced immediately in the first session.  I was amazed at how quickly other issues then surfaced and I was able to resolve them.

~ D.G., Hesperia, CA

Very helpful person and excellent therapist. She was willing to help me thru the hardest times for my psyche. Now I just completed 3 degrees but without her in my time of need I’m not sure I would have reached this milestone.

~ Valerie R., Sugarloaf, CA

Gina Weiss knows what to do with my panic attacks and PTSD. She has given me some tools to practice at home. I can honestly admit that she may be the counselor that I have been searching for. She is patient, she listens and more important than anything else, Gina Weiss guides me and offers other ideas of how to take control of what has happened. I feel so much better after a visit with her. I am thankful to have found Gina and her practice.

~ Client review – July 20, 2019